Seo Fernandez was born on 5th April 1976 in Cuba (Havana, Cuba), where he started dancing as a young boy, whether on the street or in school. He studied at the school for variety and show where he recieved (1989) the title of professional dancer. His capabilities range from Hip Hop to Folklore, from Classical to Salsa, from Chachacha to Rumba. He worked with various genres and theatres in Havana and in 1992 he became member of the famous group of tourism and show "Cubanacan".

His role here was as choreographer by creating shows that went on tour through South America and Europe. His goal since 1995 has been to spread Latin American music and dances in Europe and thanks to his charisma he is extremly well-known as a club representative and for his extraordinary artistic capabilities as a dancer. He has worked as a dancer for many TV programmes at  MTV. But he went even further! His artistic pottential also spreads to other areas: he is known for his singing talents. In 2008 he released his first album "Atacando" with the famous song "Remenea".

He dicides to create new shows for which he combined and merged a mix of Afro rhythms, Hip Hop and Jazz with Salsa. Singing the basis for their show himself, which has become a huge succes. Seo with his former dance partner Alessia and his former group Latin Black, thanks to very famous event Cubamemucho and their hard work and incredible talent, were worldwide known.

They were taking part in internationally reknown Salsa Congresses. Since 8 years Seo is organizing also his big international event in Italy "Remeneate" in summer and "Bailando Milano" in winter. In 2012 went out Seo's new album "Welcome to mi fiesta" with the single "Sabes tu porque". In 2015 another single was released, called "Intenso" (Kizomba). 

With his new partner Marta and his new group "Seo Fernandez y su pandilla latina" he is approving once again, that his talent is reaching out towards every possible genre of art: dancer, singer, choreographer, photographer, art director, performer.

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